Carraro Dolce Gusto® Compatible Coffee Capsules, Kenyan Single Origin. 6 x 16 capsules per case


Wt: 7gm per capsule

Packaging: 16 capsules per carton, 4 cartons per case.


A fruity, rich and pervasive aroma

Dolce Gusto® Coffee Machine Compatible

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Grown on the slopes of the mountains at an altitude of 2000 metres above sea level in a mild constant climate, this coffee is harvested by hand in several successive passes before undergoing wet processing. In the cup it releases a rich, penetrating fruity aroma. Although aromatic and sweet, it is full-bodied with pronounced acidity. Serve after heavy meals featuring game, roasted and grilled red meats. ®The trademark is not property of The Coffee Pod Company or its connected companies.