Carraro Dolce Gusto® Compatible Coffee Capsules, Decaffeinato Blend, £0,24p per Capsule, 4 x 16 capsules per Box.


Weight: 7gm per capsule

Packaging: 16 capsules per carton, 6 cartons per box.


Dolce Gusto Machine Compatible

64 capsules per box

£0.24p per capsule


Free Delivery


Decaffeinato capsules are built on Caffè Carraro’s research and experience since 1927. This espresso is the product of ongoing selection of the most suitable green coffee beans and continual research into decaffeination processes that aim to preserve the beverage’s wonderful qualities of compact and long-lasting creaminess, a fragrant and fruity aroma, and a full, smooth flavour without the impact of caffeine.  ®The trademark is not property of The Coffee Pod Company. or its connected companies.

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