Magazzini del Caffé Nespresso® Compostable Compatible Coffee Capsules, 100% Arabica Espresso . 10 x 10 per case.


Weight: 5.2gm per capsule

Packaging: 10 capsules per carton, 10 cartons per outer box.



Magazzini del Caffé Nespresso® Compostable Compatible Coffee Capsules.

This Blend: 100% Arabica Coffee

Espresso is an aromatic blend known for its fine acidity. The special roasting emphasizes its rich floral bouquet and the delicacy of the body.

The Nespresso®* compatible compostable capsule, Magazzini del Caffè, is in keeping with the company’s eco-sustainable philosophy. For this reason, Magazzini del Caffè devotes significant efforts in the search for materials and coffee blends and by defining the right grain size of the ground coffee and the correct degassing times they are able to produce both eco friendly coffee capsules as well as a range of excellent coffees.

To give you the opportunity to try our different blends, we take two boxes of each of the blends of coffee we have and pack them in a convenient pack for you to try.  The coffee blends are packed in environmentally compostable capsules that are certified to EN13432, which is the standard used to certify that the capsules will compost using an industrial system.