Tre Venezie Coffee Blends

At Tre Venezie we have created four blends of coffee for you to enjoy. All have different aromas and tastes, but all have one thing in common and that they are Italian. Passionately selected, passionately roasted, passionately packed, all to provide you with the best coffee taste and aroma.

Aroma Leon D’oro

A full-bodied and creamy blend, enriched by an intense and persistent flavour. This coffee includes only the finest Robusta beans from Vietnam, Ghana and Columbia. These beans have been chosen to give the blend the maximum flavour and intensity.

Aroma Crema Soave

A  blend of 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans from Vietnam, Columbia and Brazil gives you a coffee characterised by a hazel colour and a deep velvety taste. A hint of chocolate and cereal enhances this unique blend to give a soft and balanced flavour.

Arabica di San Marco

This refined and sumptuous blend is the perfect union of 100% Arabica beans from Columbia and Brazil. By balancing the sweetness and sourness of these in the blending we get the required aromatic flavour, which is characterised by cocoa and citrus fruits notes. The end result being a dense and delicious coffee.

Decaffeinated Aroma

70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans from Brazil and Vietnam, gives you a light but dense and creamy coffee. It has a similar aroma and flavour as the Crema Soave blend without of course the caffeine

Oro Sinuoso

100% Brazilian Arabica, high density and cream fruit notes echo over the taste of a smooth samba melody.

Lungo Sospiro

Toasted notes combined with caramel, ideal for those who love to get a long and consistent cup.


Soft like velvet, this delicately roasted Arabica blend hugs you with the notes of toasted almonds.


A strong energising coffee but with an elegant taste that catches fruit notes and a sharp chocolatey bite.