About Our Manufacturers:

Coffee reached Europe in the second half of the 1600’s and Venice was one of the first Italian cities that experienced the coffee aroma. As it spread throughout the whole Peninsula it soon became a benchmark for fashionable Italians to be seen in the coffee houses.

Venetians were the first to learn all about this beverage, both for its characteristic good taste, but also as they thought at that time to take advantage from its medicinal and digestive properties. From Venice, the coffee rapidly spread throughout the european continent, becoming loved by the Italians and other nationalities. Northern Italy and the city of Venice became the epicentre of coffee production and became the bridge between east and west, by importing and transforming an eastern beverage into a western coffee..


Magazzini del Caffè SpA was established in 2003 with the express intent of distinguishing itself as the sole Italian roasting company directly overseeing all processes and production stages of production, from coffee cultivation in Brazil to blending, roasting and packing in their factory in Italy.

The total control of the coffee production, processing and supply chain must be regarded as the best guarantee for maintaining the highest quality constant over time. In fact, the hands-on management and control during all cultivation, production, selection of the green coffee, roasting and packaging stages, ensure the highest possible quality standards.

The constant and significant growth in business volume reflects the worth and validity of the Company’s fundamental choices and activities undertaken in pursuance of its mission.




The Capsules:

Our Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto®  compatible capsules are designed to guarantee the life of the coffee’s aroma and flavour and to give the best possible delivery in most capsule machines. They are what they call barrier capsules and the aim of this design is to protect the coffee from sudden changes in temperature and humidity, so preserving the quality of the coffee over it’s shelf life. Just watch the coffee flowing from our Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules. It takes time and this is done deliberately, by using it’s unique and patented design, to extract the maximum amount of taste and aroma from the coffee beans.

The Production:

To see how your capsules are produced a video will be seen here shortly.